Today the students were two 8-year old girls. I learned that we created great synergy by my goof-up which positioned both girls at the pool at the same time for the same lesson (instead of one-on-one lessons). We had more fun, more concentration on the stroke, and more diversions (the slide, the whirling pool, and the moat). And we’re going to do it on purpose next week! That’s synergy!

The girls should meet up at the lesson time even if I’m absent for these reasons:
• The girls will practice the #1 Red Cross Rule:  Swim with a Buddy
• Each girl is skilled and confident enough to be safe any place in that pool.  
• Swim students should practice between lessons. 
• More time in the pool will result in greater buoyancy.
• The girls will influence each other. Maybe one will straighten legs, the other ride the slide.
• The girls can help each other learn swim technique. 

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