Swim. Relax. Repeat.  Hours of ocean swimming with others who enjoy hours of ocean swimming while boating around the British Virgin Islands!  Yes, this is the vacation for me.  I signed up without hesitation knowing I was meeting up with my tribe. Funny enough, of the nine of us guests on board, the two couples were not married (though each had been together 10 years) and the rest of us were married attending without our spouses.  A non-swimmer was aboard and I believe she had just as much fun as the rest of us!  Extra bonus, the trip leader Heather Perry is a professional underwater photographer.  So not only do you see yourself video-ed and and have your swim technique critiqued by experts, Heather also shots portfolio of you looking like a superstar swimming in the ocean. And for me that meant underwater mermaid photos!  Fun, fun, fun!!   Check out SwimVacation.com!

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