It seemed like the dreaded request, a mom asks for a lesson for her young daughter who doesn’t put her face in the water. She’s had plenty of lessons but doesn’t really like it, though she likes mermaids.  Couldn’t ignore this one because it was a referral from my best friend.  So what did I learn?  It can be lots of fun AND the kid really doesn’t mind putting her face in the water, she was never properly prodded.  So here we are, she’s learned to use her body, not just turn her head, to catch the breath.  Since we’re in the pool with all the rules (including no kickboards) she’s using my hands to help her turn her body as we work our away against the flow of the “moat” at the city pool.  She took breaths from both sides.  She’s relaxed and having fun.  So obvious from the video.  I’m thrilled and am looking forward to next week’s lesson!
Breathing w face in the water

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