Today’s student taught me why it’s harder to do the smaller steps of a bigger move, which is more a problem for me in my Feldenkris class than in the water.  Today’s student was my Feldenkris teacher!  She is my best adult beginner student, not just because she’s very in tune with her body position due to her profession but mostly because she never had any swim lessons.  We had no UN-learning to do.  She told me she couldn’t float so we started with the back float and three noodles.  Before too long she was able to float the “man’s float”, with her knees bent and arms in the air.  By the time I turned her over, explained why it’s better for her hands to be below the water slightly (eliminates shoulder tension) she was able to front float with ease.  So on to the crawlstroke.  We got as far as being in the skate position and rotating the body for the breath.  Though it was a bit tougher when her left arm was forward with her right shoulder high, she was able to streamline and propel herself with an easy kick.  Without much trepidation, she was able to rotate all the way to her back as she moved down the lap lane, catch her breath, then reposition to skate with her forward arm wide.  The hangup came when she was asked to rotate smaller, just enough to catch a breath and return to the skate position.  Suddenly her arm was right under her so she lost her balance, she lifted her head which threw off the proper spinal alignment, and she swallowed water.  We reviewed the proper position and now she knows what to practice, practice, practice before the next lesson.  Of course it will be beneficial to go back to the start, the glide, and build back up to breath taking.

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