New to the Pool

Today’s student is a big man who has dream of completing a sprint triathlon but no swim experience.  We humans are quite used to being vertical in our orientation.  We know how to stack our bones when we are upright.  Being horizontal without support below is awkward at first.  We need to relax and lean into the water.  As long as we have air in our lungs, we will float.  Very few individuals are muscular enough to actually sink to the pool bottom with a lung full of air.  It’s a matter of relaxing the muscles because the tension will drive down the body.  The best sequence for finding comfort horizontally is to push off the wall, keep arms wide, eyes look straight down, and relax the head like it’s in a massage table cradle.  Once momentum is lost, bring the knees up to the chest, let the spine go vertical, and relax the legs to stand.

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