Swim long, live long —   like Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne, the fitness guru of the era of black and white television, swam a half hour almost daily — he passed away in 2011 at age 96 ! As a child this man was addicted to sugar and junk food. A lecture on nutrition turned him around. When he was 40 he swam the entire length of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge underwater laden with 140 pounds of equipment (including air tanks). The following year he swam the then “inescapable” waters of Alcatraz into Aquatic Park in San Francisco handcuffed! Two years after that, he outdid himself by swimming the Golden Gate channel with a 2,500-pound cabin cruiser in tow. The currents were so swift he swam over six miles to cover the one mile distance. Then at age 60 he again swam from Alcatraz into Aquatic Park, hands cuffed, feet shackled and pulling a 1000 pound boat wearing nothing but a Speedo. This, he considered his greatest feat. At age 61 he repeated swimming the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, underwater, this time handcuffed and shackled and towing a half ton boat. For his 95th birthday he released the book, Live Young Forever. See jacklalanne.com



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