Here’s the homework I gave to a beginner adult today. She had a few lessons this summer and then a four month lull. It’s a reminder that the wall on the shallow end is a great tool for developing the stroke and the breath.

Practice this:

1. At the wall with your feet standing. Hold the wall with both hands, with your face in the water. Stroke one arm at a time, as you stroke your right arm, take a breath, return your face as your put your right arm back on the wall. Blow bubbles when your face is in the water, inhale when your mouth is out of the water, then immediately start blowing bubbles, stroke with your left arm. Repeat.

2. Same exercise as above with your feet floating.

3. Same as above using a noodle, Kick with your feet and travel across the pool.

Here’s the motivation: Practice these until you can do #1 without hesitation, #2 with confidence, and #3 a little bit. Then we’ll have our next lesson.

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