Today my 13-year old client will not put her face in the water even though she was so close to getting the crawl down perfect. Okay, let’s learn sidestroke. Did you know there are 4 ways to do the side stroke? On your right side, top leg forward. Then top leg backward. Then flip to your left side, top leg forward. Now top leg backward. So many people do the sidestroke just one way for DECADES and then find a change too hard to coordinate. Try all four ways. Okay, now the back crawl (we’d already done the backstroke on an earlier lesson). Then we moved onto treading water. Then some water aerobic moves in the deep, no touching: side to side and rocking horse (front to back). Then at the wall. Stand tall, try to kick your butt with one foot, now the other. How about drawing a large circle in the water with your leg? Or put one leg on the wall, one straight down, hold onto the wall and move towards it to stretch your shin. Lots to do in the water without putting in your face!

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