Today’s student was a professional who hopes to swim in the ocean. He has no water training. We did a lot (maybe too much) in this first lesson. My thinking was to introduce him to various activities in the water so he would find something he liked. Then I asked him to practice everything at his own speed. Here’s his review and homework:

Today we reviewed the front and back floats.  You learned the Superman Glide and advanced to breathing in the skate position.  You also learned the survival float, where you hang like a jellyfish and scull your hands to bring you mouth out of the water for a breath.  We discussed the importance of blowing bubbles when your face is in the water so when your mouth surfaces for a breath you are inhaling ONLY, you should have exhaled all your air before your mouth exits the water.

Before our next lesson I want you to spend an hour in the pool. This can be all at once or over 2 or 3 visits to the pool.  Practice 1) the survival float in the jellyfish position; 2) going from the front float to back float; 3) floating on your back as relaxed as possible, feel free to use noodles, the wall, or whatever else helps, 4) the Superman glide, and 5) going from one end to the other in the skate position, for now concentrate on one side with your right arm extended, your left shoulder slightly out of the water; with a gentle kick to move forward and turn your WHOLE body, not just your face, to get the breath.

That’s a lot to practice so feel free to spend more than one hour before we arrange our next lesson.  Time in the water will build up your comfort level.  Relaxing in the water is very important, it directly affects your buoyancy.  Give meaning to the phrase “go with the flow.”

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