SCHEDULING NOW FOR MAY and JUNE 2022 in Santa Fe  

Swimming is one of life’s simple pleasures.  It is joyful.  Proper technique develops your core muscles as you skim across the water effortlessly propelling your body from its core.  To schedule a lesson, click HERE.

Proper swimming is comfortable.  Many of us were taught to pull and kick rather than propel ourselves through the water.  No need to fatigue your arms and legs or strain your neck to breathe.  Instead, balance your body to roll up for a breath with ease.

Ellen Kemper is a Red Cross-certified water safety instructor and certified US Masters Swimming Association Adult-Learn-to-Swim Swim Instructor. She loves teaching swim lessons to all ages and all skill levels. She also hosts meet-ups for swimmers willing to try new swim strokes that emphasize control over speed. And she is a pool party mermaid as Mermaid Ekena!

Ellen is currently teaching in Santa Fe, New Mexico and thereabouts.  Occasionally in Tucson, Arizona she hosts swim intensives and couples swim retreats at the Starr Pass resort.

Adult lessons are $30 per half hour, $55 per hour.  Couple lessons are $75 per hour. Child rates are $25 per half hour, $50 per hour.  Add $5 per extra child. Meet-ups are free.  For prices on Swim Intensives or Couples Swim Retreats contact Ellen HERE.

It’s never too late to learn to swim well. Ellen’s eldest client is 92 years old and her youngest is 18 months.

To schedule a lesson, click HERE. Suggest another time for a lesson if the calendar times mesh with your schedule.

To read reviews about Ellen’s instruction, CLICK HERE and scroll down a little.  To read Ellen’s article on swim fitness CLICK HERE.

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